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Smart Spectrum Monitoring

Spectrum Monitoring as a Service / Monitoring Services

LS telcom measures and monitors frequencies for you

If you don’t have spectrum monitoring devices and monitoring experience in-house, have you thought about outsourcing to LS telcom?

You need to survey the frequency environment of critical sites or for special events? You need to geo-locate the source of your interference? You are in dire need to know which frequencies are really in use? For successful spectrum monitoring you do not only need the suitable radio monitoring equipment and define the best locations to place your devices. You also need monitoring data analysis and reporting software as well as monitoring experts for analyzing the huge amount of measured data to provide the results you’re looking for.

We can provide you with everything you need for your spectrum monitoring exercise. We have spectrum monitoring experts to set up and operate the system, measure, store and analyze the data for you. We deliver complete reports, which help you make informed decisions and take action immediately.

Our turnkey spectrum monitoring service includes the leasing of all the hardware, software, and expert staff as well as system maintenance. We provide our service for short-term and temporary measurement campaigns as well as for long-term and permanent measurements over several years.

We supply all types and brands of monitoring units, from fixed units to portable, transportable, and airborne units depending on where and which frequencies you want to measure.

If you have monitoring experts inhouse, then we can just provide the spectrum  monitoring hardware and vice versa, if you have the system in place, but no one to use it, our experts can operate your system.

Above all, we help with monitoring training and capacity building. We assist in the selection of spectrum monitoring equipment best adapted to your specific monitoring needs. 

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